Do you feel blessed that you have a washing machine? In all likelihood, you probably take your clothes washing machine for granted. Shirts, jeans and undergarments are crammed into your washing machine every week with detergent and perhaps even fabric softener and it all comes out clean and smelling wonderfully. Life is good when your undergarments are clean and smelling like a rain-soaked meadow in the springtime. But what happens when one day your washing machine refuses to purge the stench and evil from your undergarments? Well, that is when you call your Horsham washing machine repair dude.

Or you could choose not to make that call and take your jeans, shirts and undergarments to the laundromat instead. But we wouldn’t recommend it, here are a few reasons why.

Not Just Your Undergarments

Consider this; your undergarments aren’t the only dirty clothing that has been stuffed into the washing machine you are currently using. In fact, as soon as a few hours ago, the washing machine you are using could have been stuffed with 20 diapers from the new mother who refuses to clog the landfills with disposable diapers. Try to visualize that scene. You might want to consider washing the washing machine before washing your clothes in it.

And if you think this scenario is far-fetched, think again. The list of nasty things people put in washing machines at laundromats is longer than the list of awards Meryl Streep has won as an actress, even if she is overrated.

In addition to diapers, people with kids who haven’t learned to properly use the toilet throw their soiled clothes in the washing machines. That dude who lives across the street and smokes cigars just pitched his tighty-whities (well, faded yellow anyway) in the very same machine you will be using an hour from now.

We could go on, but it’s too close to lunchtime.

What’s in Your Pocket?

We are all guilty of sending a pair of pants through the washing machine with something in the pocket. It might have been a blue pen or a pack of gum, but we have all ruined clothing doing so. Now think about the things that other people at the laundromat have forgotten to take out of their pockets before washing. We bet there are several jean pockets washed with tissues packed with snot rockets still in them. Your imagination is the only limit as to what gross things can be found in people’s jean pockets.

Bed Bugs

When a family discovers they have bed bugs, you can guarantee they are not washing their sheets in their personal washing machine, they are taking those infested sheets to the laundromat. You can only hope the hot water killed those bad boys off before you toss your Hanes in.

The Change Machine is Always Broken

Unless you have a habit of collecting quarters, you will inevitably need to change out a few dollar bills for the laundromat. Unfortunately, finding a change machine that actually works is like getting good service at Applebee’s, a very rare occasion.

So do the right thing and give us a call.