You might not stop and think about it very often, if at all, but you spend an awful lot of time washing a drying clothes, especially of you have a big family. If it wasn’t for your clothes washer and dryer, you would be spending a whole lot more time doing this chore, a lot more. And when your washing machine breaks, you are calling an appliance repair service in Horsham right away. Like, as soon as possible.

But like with any other home appliance, there will come a time when you need to retire your clothes washer and dryer and have them replaced. But there are so many brands, types and models that shopping for one might leave you a bit confused. We can help. Let’s start with the three types of washing machines from which you can choose.washer

Regular Top-Load

These are your basic washing machines that have the lid on top. Your parents probably had one of these and maybe you have one as well. In most cases, this will be your cheapest option when in the market for a washing machine.

High-Efficiency Top-Load

These cost more than your standard top-load washing machines but use less water and less energy so they will save you money in the long run.


Many front-load washing machines will perform as well if not better than high-efficiency top-load washers. They will also compare in price, but some front-load machines offer options that make them expensive. Front-load washers are very popular, for very good reasons.

Consider for a moment the cabinets in your kitchen and the fact that your plates are stacked as opposed to sitting side by side, this is because stacking them give you more room. This concept also holds true with your washer and dryer. Front-load washers are able to have dryers stacked on them to save space. And since your clothes washer and dryer are often housed in a rather small space, stacking enables so much more room. In addition, stacking your dryer gives you access to the door without having to bend over.

washer1Even if you don’t or can’t stack your front-load washer and dryer, they still give you more space. Since the doors on both the washer and dryer are in the front, this leaves the top of your washer and dryer free for added storage. You can choose to store detergent, folded towels, dryer sheets or whatever you want on top of your washer and dryer.

Fron-loading washers have become very earth-friendly. If you are environmentally conscious, front-loading washers are the clear choice. A standard top-load washing machine uses about 40 gallons of water per load while a front-load machine will use about half of that, saving water and money. Front=loadnmg washing machines are also very efficient and can save you as much as $125 a year in power costs.

Lastly, though there is no scientific evidence to back this up, people who own front-load washing machines say they are better on your clothes. This might be because they don;t get twisted, pushed and pulled by an agitator.